Landscape Lighting Installers: What to Look For

A Little Upkeep Will Keep Your System Shining Bright for Decades

At LUX Landscape Lighting, we’re passionate about installing and maintaining landscape lighting systems for peak performance. We’ve been called out on third-party service calls where we’ve seen shocking failures. You can see some of the evidence in our post “Epic Fails: Landscape Lighting Installers Gone Wrong.” It’s become clear to us that Cincinnati homeowners need Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program options from experts in the field.

Spring & Fall Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Landscape lighting, like any other type of mechanical system, needs regular maintenance. To keep your system operating like new, we recommend twice-a-year maintenance.

  • In the springtime, after your landscape has been cleaned up and mulched, we perform our maintenance checklist to make sure your lighting system is working as designed.
  • In the fall, once your landscape beds and leaves have been cleaned up and removed for the year, we assess your system again to make sure your house and property are well lit for the winter months.

Since outdoor lighting fixtures are planted in your landscape, we make adjustment as the plants grow. So that the light continues to provide the appropriate illumination as originally designed, we may need to move fixtures or trim plants. A well-maintained system will continue to highlight your home and landscaping beautifully for the entire life of the system (which can be decades, depending on the quality of products installed).

Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program

12-Item Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Maintenance Checklist

When the experts at LUX come out for a landscape lighting maintenance visit, here’s what we do:

  1. Check all fixtures to make sure they are illuminating. Replace lamps or LED boards as needed
  2. Clean the fixture lens and outside of fixture
  3. For tree lights, clean fixtures, clean lenses and back out wire ties
  4. Straighten and adjust all fixtures
  5. Place ant bait in transformers, and spray for any insect nests in transformers
  6. Lightly prune plant growth back to remove any light obstructions
  7. Re-bury any exposed wire, if needed
  8. Move fixtures to accommodate plant growth, if needed
  9. Inspect transformer, timers and all related controls. Make adjustments, as needed
  10. Replace batteries in timer, as needed
  11. Check voltage and amps to ensure the system is working properly
  12. Drive fixture stakes back into the ground after winter frost heave

Hiring the experts at LUX for your Cincinnati landscape lighting maintenance will preserve and improve your lighting system. We service all makes and models of lighting, regardless of who installed it. We’re happy to work with our wonderful existing customers, and to meet new customers who have lighting systems that need improvement.

Interested in learning more about a Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program from LUX Landscape Lighting? Contact us with your questions and to get a quote.