Bed Edging & Landscape Lighting Wire

Adding landscape lighting in your garden beds extends your enjoyment of your plants, trees, fountains or statuary into the night. One thing to consider is how to protect landscape lighting wire from the regular maintenance of bed edging. Eric shows how we use sturdy conduit to protect the landscape lighting wire and give you years […]

Outdoor LED Light Bulbs: Quality Matters

Some landscape lighting systems have lights built into the fixture, but others require outdoor LED light bulbs. At first glance, all LED light bulbs that fit your fixture look the same, but prices range from $1.70 to $45 for individual bulbs. What the heck?

Sean explains the quality difference and how it affects the appearance and […]

2024 Landscape Lighting Ideabook

We’re sharing some of the most impactful ideas for the coming year in the LUX 2024 Landscape Lighting Ideabook. Get inspired with these top four tips for enhancing your outdoors:

  1. Zoning & Dimming for Creating Ideal Atmospheres
  2. Outdoor Speaker Systems for Music, Movies & Sports
  3. Hardscape Lighting Innovations
  4. Maintenance & Repair Restores the Beauty of […]