Epic Fails: Landscape Lighting Installers Gone Wrong

Water & Electricity Don’t Mix

These landscape lighting installers have their minds in the gutter. At LUX Landscape Lighting, we’re often called out to help solve lighting problems for homeowners, and we have seen many epic fails from previous installers who don’t have the training and expertise to do outdoor lighting right. Let’s take a look […]

2024 Landscape Lighting Ideabook

We’re sharing some of the most impactful ideas for the coming year in the LUX 2024 Landscape Lighting Ideabook. Get inspired with these top four tips for enhancing your outdoors:

  1. Zoning & Dimming for Creating Ideal Atmospheres
  2. Outdoor Speaker Systems for Music, Movies & Sports
  3. Hardscape Lighting Innovations
  4. Maintenance & Repair Restores the Beauty of […]