HOA Management: Landscape Lighting

4 Ways Outdoor Lighting Will Make Your Community Shine

During daylight hours, your homeowners association has everything just right. From communal gathering places to green spaces, your HOA management is on point. But after dark, what’s it like in your community?

Landscape lighting can change how residents think about and enjoy your community. Here are four […]

Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Heat Getting to You? Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces After Dark

When daytime temps send you running inside for the AC, it can be disappointing not to spend time in your beautiful outdoor spaces. That’s where landscape lighting basics for the summer come in. After […]

Landscape Lighting Around Pools

Answer These Top 5 Questions for Your Best Pool Season Yet

When designing landscape lighting around pools, you want to consider the entire area, with the pool as the main features. LUX Landscape Lighting can help you answer these 5 top questions:

  1. How do you like to enjoy your pool?
  2. What’s around the pool that can […]