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Christmas in July with Color-Changing LED Landscape Lighting

Santa is here to celebrate Christmas in July with LUX Landscape Lighting! He and his helper Dominic show how color-changing LED landscape lighting makes Christmas lights a snap– along with making any holiday or event more festive. Try red-white-and-blue for 4th of July, purple-and-orange for Halloween, or orange for the Bengals. Plus, pair a top-of-the-line […]

Enjoy the Cool of the Day with Landscape Lighting

Beat the Heat: Enjoy the Outdoors after the Sun Sets

The summer solstice is just around the corner, and the greater Cincinnati area is facing down some sizzling daytime temperatures. But our nights should be a little less sultry. With landscape lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces when it’s finally cool enough to leave the […]

Landscape Lighting Repair Near Me: Brands We Service

Have you been looking for “landscape lighting repair near me?” If you’re in the greater Cincinnati area, we’d love to help with your lighting problems. LUX Landscape Lighting services all professional brands of outdoor lighting, like FX Luminaire, Kichler, Alliance, Sollos and Haven. Eric Cross shares the details– and the kind of lighting system that […]

Epic Fails: Outdoor Lighting Transformers

Houston, We Have a Problem! 6 Landscape Lighting Control Centers that Are Out of Control

An outdoor lighting transformer is the central point of control for your landscape lighting system. The “transformation” happening is conversion of your house’s 120-volt electrical service to low voltage current suitable for LED landscape lighting systems. In many systems, the outdoor […]

Bed Edging & Landscape Lighting Wire

Adding landscape lighting in your garden beds extends your enjoyment of your plants, trees, fountains or statuary into the night. One thing to consider is how to protect landscape lighting wire from the regular maintenance of bed edging. Eric shows how we use sturdy conduit to protect the landscape lighting wire and give you years […]