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Outdoor Speaker System Installation in Cincinnati

Does your outdoor sound quality match up to your indoor surround sound system? An outdoor speaker system from Coastal Source makes it sound like you have a live concert in your backyard. And immersive sound makes you feel like you are in the movie theater.

Sean of LUX Landscape Lighting invites you to experience this audio […]

5 Big Improvements in Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting has made many advances in the last few years, from warmer light colors to higher quality to smart home apps. Sean shares the details.

One thing that hasn’t changed in outdoor lighting? Light fixture prices remain fairly constant, balancing higher quality with scaled production.

Watch the […]

I’d Stake My Light on It: Landscape Lighting Tip

Do your path lights go crooked every season? Or after your kids or dogs run through the yard? Straightening path lights is a landscape lighting maintenance hassle. But it can be mostly prevented! Sean shows how upgrading your path light stakes to longer ones provide more stability and protect against the freeze-thaw cycle in Ohio.