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Christmas Lights Have Never Been So Easy

Christmas Lights Have Never Been So Easy

Can Landscape Lighting Double as Christmas Lights?

Most definitely, landscape lighting can double as Christmas lights! As you can see, this home and property are bathed in holiday hues of red and green. When selecting color-changing fixtures, it’s important to note that […]

November 17th, 2021|LED Landscape Lighting|

5 Landscape Lighting Trends for 2022

Fall is the perfect time to start planning your landscape lighting project, and winter installations are no problem for LUX Landscape Lighting. We anticipate these five landscape lighting trends for 2022:

  1. Downlighting to reduce light pollution
  2. Smart, color-changing landscape lights
  3. More hardscapes equal more hardscape lighting
  4. Bistro lighting continues to enchant
  5. Focus on security lighting

[VIDEO] How to Hire a Landscape Lighting Company

Sean Mullarkey with six things you need to know before hiring a landscape lighting company. We recommend you get quotes from more than one landscape lighting company and compare their online reviews, experience in outdoor lighting, warranties, installation specifications and more. A little homework up front can ensure you have a great experience and a […]