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Landscape Lighting Around Pools

Answer These Top 5 Questions for Your Best Pool Season Yet

When designing landscape lighting around pools, you want to consider the entire area, with the pool as the main features. LUX Landscape Lighting can help you answer these 5 top questions:

  1. How do you like to enjoy your pool?
  2. What’s around the pool that can […]

Commercial Lighting with Color Makes Property Pop

For businesses who welcome guests after dark, commercial lighting is especially important. Not only does landscape lighting improve safety, but Sean Mullarkey shows how color-changing lights will make your property pop. Compared to boring conventional commercial lighting, your business will attract customer interest (and dollars!)

Watch the video: […]

Outdoor Audio Systems for the TriState

Outdoor Audio Systems for the TriState

Stunning Surround-Sound for Your Outdoor Spaces

From pools and patios to kitchens and living rooms, outdoor spaces are quickly becoming our favorite places to relax, entertain and simply hang out. At LUX Landscape Lighting, we’ve found that outdoor audio systems are often the […]

It’s Time to Get Outdoors!

Enjoying your outdoor spaces doesn’t have to come to an end after sunset. From grilling at night to hanging out on your patio in the cool hours of the day, landscape lighting lets you spend more time outside. Check out some of LUX Landscape Lighting’s projects and ideas.