If you notice more friends and neighbors investing in landscape lighting, there’s good reason. Outdoor lighting for your home has several benefits:

  • Enhanced security
  • Extended use of your outdoor living space
  • Improved prestige and curb appeal
  • Increased property value

Most of the fixtures we use have a lifetime warranty. LUX Landscape Lighting includes a 2-year warranty on labor for new installation and 1-year warranty for service and repair work.

We develop a landscape lighting portrait made exclusively for your home or business. Prices range from $250-$400 per installed fixture, depending on complexity.

LED lighting is an advanced and sustainable technology that offers several advantages to home and business owners. Landscape lighting with LED systems gives you:

  • Durability
  • True color rendering
  • Energy efficiency
  • Utility bill savings

With LED systems, there are no bulbs or lamps to replace. Your landscape lighting will require little to no maintenance while it continues to illuminate your property for years.