4 Stunning Homes that Didn’t Cut Corners

When you get a few quotes and estimates, it can be difficult to tell the difference between one company and another. Often, the decision is made solely on landscape lighting cost. And we completely understand when customers ask why our prices might be higher than another’s. These four LUX customers allowed us to show them the LUX Landscape Lighting Difference and why expertise and experience matter.

Let’s start with a direct comparison between LUX’s landscape lighting design and… the other guy’s. Here’s the cheaper example.

Landscape Lighting Cost: The Trouble with Cheap Lights

BEFORE: Cincinnati landscape lighting that cuts corners

At first glance, the lighting looks okay. But notice the big shadows cast over the middle gable. Also, the light intensity is a bit blinding. Our customer brought LUX Landscape Lighting in, and we redesigned the layout to be much more aesthetically pleasing.

Landscape Lighting Cost: The Trouble with Cheap Lights

AFTER: LUX Landscape Lighting elevates the result

It can be hard to tell this is the same house! Our softer lighting approach enhanced the elegance of this home. Now, it belongs in a magazine. We eliminated harsh, accidental shadows and replaced them with intentional shading of the various architectural elements. It’s easy to see all corners of the house, and we revealed a hidden window over the porch.

Landscape Lighting Cost: How Many Lights?

A cheaper outdoor lighting estimate often includes fewer lights and will focus all attention on the front facade. Here, you see that illuminating the depth of a home has a much better effect.

Landscape Lighting Cost: The Trouble with Cheap Lights

Who wouldn’t want to show off that beautiful, cedar-shingle siding? Next up is a landscape lighting example of adding lights to the roofline. Yes, it does increase the landscape lighting cost, and the investment makes you say WOW.

Landscape Lighting Cost: The Trouble with Cheap Lights

The stone texture on those gables shouldn’t be missed! It’s a luxury feature that deserves to be shown off around the clock. Our final LUX lighting installation example is a stunning Mid-Century Modern property, complete with mature landscaping. Again, multiple lights add a little to the landscape lighting cost, but they add depth and texture in spades.

Landscape Lighting Cost: The Trouble with Cheap Lights

This customer is welcomed home by this sight every night– and they are proud to host after-hours gatherings, as well.

Pitfalls of a Landscape Lighting Cost that Seems Like a Bargain

If you’re investing in landscape lighting, you’re going to want a beautiful result. If you get a landscape lighting cost that seems like a bargain, watch out for these warning signs:

  • Too few lights for your property
  • Low-quality lights that are dim or have an unattractive color cast
  • Lights of all the same variety, such as all uplights or path lights
  • Installation that doesn’t take into account the height of your home or trees
  • A proposal that isn’t tailored for your specific property and seems generic

We’ve seen many landscape lighting epic fails, and we’re pleased to have helped many customers repair a previous installation. But we really want homeowners to be happy the first time! All it takes a little common-sense discernment.

LUX Landscape Lighting is appreciative of our many customers who have allowed us to exercise our expertise and creativity to bring their outdoor lighting dreams to light! For more examples of stellar customer homes, view last year’s Cincinnati Lighting Projects Video. You may also get inspiration from Our Most Popular Outdoor Lighting Ideas.

Whether you’re new to landscape lighting, or you have a system that isn’t living up to expectations, LUX is here to help with a free consultation. Contact us to get personalized ideas and landscape lighting costs.