Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Heat Getting to You? Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces After Dark

When daytime temps send you running inside for the AC, it can be disappointing not to spend time in your beautiful outdoor spaces. That’s where landscape lighting basics for the summer come in. After sunset, temperatures usually drop below 80, making that the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.

Landscape lighting basics for walkways

Landscape Lighting Basics: Front Door & Walkways

Landscape lighting basic safety includes lighting up your front door and any walkways you or guests may want to use at night. Pay special attention to changes in elevation, like stairs or slopes. When you can confidently move around your property, you’re more likely to enjoy being outdoors at night.

Uplighting is a great choice for the front of your home, and your landscape lighting designer should pay special attention to keeping the light outdoors (not shining into any windows). Walkways should have light directed down at the path (and definitely not blinding your eyes as you’re trying to walk).

Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Landscape Lighting Basics: Seating Areas

Patios, pools, firepits and pergolas are popular places to hang out and enjoy the company of family and friends. Landscape lighting in these areas should be indirect and provide a pleasant atmosphere. The right vibe is relaxing fun that invites you to spend hours outside. You want to see each other’s faces in a soft light.

The landscape lighting basics here include:

  • Hardscape lighting, built right into your hardscapes
  • Bistro lighting that gives a soft, diffuse twinkle across your space
  • Downlighting from tall trees that cast interesting shadows on the ground and mimic moonlight
  • Color-changing lights for a fun focal point

Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Landscape Lighting Basics: Landscaped Areas

Illuminating your landscaping areas makes your property feel more spacious at night. As you relax, it’s enjoyable to be able to look past your immediate environment and see something beautiful in the distance. We have created these views for customers by lighting up trees, flower beds, fountains, statuary and more– whatever your favorite feature is during the day can become a favorite after dark, too.

Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Landscape Lighting Basics: Functional Areas

It’s not all about relaxing outside. Your functional areas like an outdoor kitchen, grill or pool equipment area need to have bright enough light to work by (while not distracting to entertainment spaces). Try to stick with downlights in these areas, so the light is directed towards where the action is happening. Also, your landscape lighting designer should understand light color temperatures. The wrong light color makes it almost impossible to grill to perfection.

Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Landscape Lighting Basics: Security

When the weather is hot, people with criminal intent are often more active. Landscape lighting basics can help improve the security on your property. Along with illuminating your front door, eliminate shadowy areas around your home to discourage break-ins or other unwanted activity. This includes basement stairwells, garage door entrances, side doors or any windows that might be hidden from street view. A cheerfully lit home is a good deterrent.

Landscape Lighting Basics for Summer

Relax with Your Favorite Shows or Music… Outside

With an outdoor speaker system, you don’t have to choose between your favorite entertainment or being outdoors. It’s easy to connect your smartphone with professional-grade audio to listen to your favorite music. Or, setup an outdoor TV with surround sound. At LUX Landscape Lighting, we offer a premium-quality sound system from Coastal Source. Contact us to schedule a free demo on your property.

Want more landscape lighting basics? Check out our Landscape Lighting Inspiration. And when you’re ready to imagine how landscape lighting and outdoor sound can improve your summer, contact us.