Landscape Lighting Installation in the Winter

Light Up Dark Winter Nights

Winter is an ideal time for landscape lighting installation. And it’s the perfect time to enjoy your landscape lighting portrait. With short days and long nights, an illuminated home and landscaping bring a cheerful view outside your window, and expands your visible horizon after sunset. Instead of looking out at blackness, you can see your favorite focal points, like evergreen plantings or statuary.

Landscape Lighting Installation in the Winter

Lighting Photo Courtesy of Kichler Lighting

Landscape Lighting Installation Happens Faster in the Winter

It’s easier to get on our landscape lighting installation schedule in the winter, so your lighting project will be finished faster. We suppose the benefits of winter installation must be a well-kept secret (a secret we are definitely willing to let you in on). We don’t mind working out in the cold!

Landscape Lighting Installation in the Winter

Winter Landscape Lighting Installation is Less Stressful for Your Landscaping

We are always careful not to disturb landscaping during installation, and in the winter that’s even easier. There aren’t any annual plantings to watch out for, and your perennials are dormant in the cold weather.

Landscape lighting installation requires digging up soil in your landscape beds. After the disturbed dirt has awhile to settle, it’s easy to cover all traces of the installation with a fresh coat of mulch in the spring. With a spring or summer installation, it’s more likely that your mulch will be displaced.

Imagine coming home at 5PM to a well-lit home that welcomes you in– that’s the biggest benefit of landscape lighting installation in the winter. Contact us for a free landscape lighting portrait quote to make that image a reality.