What makes LUX Landscape Lighting different?

Landscape Lighting Estimate ChecklistWe deliver value in many different ways to make sure our customers have the highest-quality lighting system. We ensure your landscape lighting is beautifully designed, professionally engineered and focused on craftsmanship, with on-going maintenance to give you years of trouble-free use. 

How do we do this?

We use products that are not manufactured in China and are of the highest quality. We take many steps to ensure quality craftsmanship.

Landscape Lighting Estimate Checklist

We want your landscape lighting system to be high quality and free from unpleasant surprises. When comparing a bid from our competitors with the LUX bid, check if these specific items are included:

  • 30+ years of experience with designer and owner Sean Mullarkey
  • 2-Year Labor Warranty
  • Our primary, premium line of lights are not manufactured in China (we do have Chinese products available at a lower cost).
  • We use all 12-gauge direct-bury cable for our main wire runs. Some of our competitors use 14- & 16-gauge wire, which is much smaller and does not carry the current as well.
  • We use 14-inch stakes for our path lights instead of the factory-supplied 8-inch spike. When using the shorter stake, path lights will start leaning and be crooked within one season.
  • We also use integrated LEDs for most of our projects, instead of the less expensive drop-in LED lamps. Integrated LEDs have a longer life, better warranty and superior light output.
  • All wire will be buried with six inches of cover, as specified by the National Electric Code (NEC). Some contractors only cover the wire with mulch. Burying the wire deeper makes it less likely to be cut, and less visible as the mulch wears off, along with protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV light.
  • To prevent cuts from deep edging, wire is installed in PVC conduit where it goes from lawn into beds.
  • When we place wire under sidewalks, we install conduit the National Electric Code (NEC).
  • We use the manufacturer’s recommended gel-filled wire nuts and gel-filled heat shrink wire connections, so that our connections last a lifetimes
  • We tape all of our connections for extra strength.
  • Whenever we have wire coming through a building wall, the wire is installed in conduit per the National Electric Code (NEC).
  • Install professional, designer-quality products with extended warranty, which will provide years of useful service.
  • Include adjusting the lighting system at night, to make sure design concepts are 100% fulfilled.
  • We provide service and maintenance, ensuring 100% functionality of your lights.
  • We work with multiple manufactures of quality landscape lighting to provide a complete and diverse collection of fixtures that will meet any requirement.
  • Fully-insured with general liability and worker’s compensation.
  • Full-time office staff for easy access to customer service.

Landscape Lighting Estimate Checklist